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Project Description
#Ftp# is a fully managed Ftp Client in C# , with features including a site manager , queued tasks scheduler . #Ftp# is based on Indy Sockets library

The current release comes with the following features:-

1. Conforms to standard FTP making it Compatible with most FTP servers
2. Local & Ftp server file system GUI navigation.
3. Handlings upload, downloads, renames and file deletions as built in parts of GUI and as menus.
4. Queue for scheduling commands over a single Ftp Control connection.
5. Viewing Speed and progress for Download and upload of files along with other task information.
6. Preferences Manager, that manages user preferences and customization of application.
7. Site Manager providing user data encryption capabilities.
8. A history list of sites user visited.
9. UI in two languages Arabic & English

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